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    This unique piece is a tightly-knotted soft wool handmade “Wolayati” rug from Afghanistan. This rug consists of a medallion Persian design with a pattern in Wool (Cotton Foundation).

    The material of this Wolayati Persian-designed rug is a ball of high-quality soft wool which refers to the northern region of Afghanistan, more known for the birthplace of handmade high-quality rugs. The quality of the wool is one of the finest in Afghanistan and is generally thicker, strong than usual (doesn’t attract the dust) which adds additional softness to the rug while still maintaining high durability and performance under high usage places.

    Handmade rugs, in general, are meant to last for a lifetime, and the more use it sees, the softer, and especially shinier they become, hence why vintage ones are so sought after all over the world. This specific one is brand new but already has the softness and shinies of a vintage rug.

    Size: Around 100 X 150 Cm Or, around 3.3 X 5 Ft without fringes
    Material: Natural Dyes Organic Soft High-quality Sheep Wool on Cotton Foundation
    Construction: Volayati Ghazni Rug Hand-knotted from Afghanistan
    Origin: Afghanistan
    Pets: Pet-friendly and easy to clean.
    Cleaning: Very easy to clean with a vacuum or by hand with the proper materials for high-quality wool.

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    Dimensions150 × 100 cm


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