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    Excellent quality!
    This is an Afghan Khamyab rug from the Ghazni region of Afghanistan. In addition to that, the material is also Ghazni wool, which is the highest quality of wool in the country and it requires a high artesian skill to knot and make these handmade rugs. This rug is perfect for any home and it is guaranteed to last for more than a lifetime.

    Origin: Afghanistan
    Age: Brand New
    Size: 2’5 ft x 12’48 ft or 77 cm x 385 cm
    Material: Naturel Dyes Organic Soft Sheep Wool on a wool foundation
    Hand-Washable: Very easily washable since it’s 100% pure wool with a very tightly knotted technique.
    Pet-friendly: Yes.

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    Dimensions385 × 77 cm


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