Natural Vegetable Dye Maroon Handmade Afghan and Persian Rug, 4×6 rug, tiny home, reading rug, persian rug, Sustainable decor, home sign


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This rug received it’s name from the Bukhara region in the southwest of Uzbekistan where they originated from. The history of Bokhara rugs dates back to centuries, but the more known fact about it is that it was used as a sign of wealth among the empires of the East.

What makes Bokhara rugs so much preferred is their extremely soft pile, among other qualities.

Bokhara rugs are very easy to identify. You can tell much about them from their design. Bokhara rugs are usually defined by their symmetrical patterns adorning the rug with diamond-shaped or oval motifs that repeat. The octagonal motifs are also known as an elephant’s foot and usually comes in dark blue, brown, black or ivory accents. As for the shapes of the motifs, these vary, depending on the tribe that makes them. The differences in the motifs were used to identify the source of each rug. Now, the materials used to make Bokharas, wool is the foundation material, and the pile is usually tied with Persian knots. Also, you will notice that it is clipped short.

Such as this rug, Bokhara rugs are hand-knotted and always wool. You will NEVER find a Bokhara rug that’s synthetic or tufted.

Very durable and meant to last for a lifetime without losing it’s quality. Excellent for high usage areas. 100% Wool with an additional Wool Foundation at the root.

Very easy to clean: with a vacuum cleaner or a simple shampoo + water for any stains.

-Size: 6’10 x 4’10 ft or 197 x 145 cm
-Weave Type: Persian (Hand-knotted)
-Material: Sheep Wool
-Condition: New
-Origin: Afghanistan
-Construction: Handmade
-Pet friendly and easy to clean.

© Khorasan Rug 2022

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Dimensions200 × 150 cm


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