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This is an A++ Grade Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan. All the pictures and videos were taken in natural sunlight to showcase their true color and all the tiny details that make each of the stones unique.

A+++ graded lapis lazuli is very difficult to find as the majority of its kind do not meet this standard, which is why these specific Lapis Lazuli is highly sought after.

This royal blue crystal features subtle pyrite streaks, giving it a metallic flash.

This Lapis Lazuli was carefully polished to have an amazingly smooth feel in the hand. There is 0 artificial dye. The color of the gem is 100% natural.

Weight : 660 grams
Size : 10X9X3 Cm
Treatment : Natural
Origin : Sar e Sang, Badakhshan, Afghanistan
Pictures are taken in natural light without any editing.

This gemstone doesn't stand by itself it needs support to be stranded.

All of our goods are made from 100% real stones that were chosen for their vibrant colors and potent natural energies. When sourcing gems, we do not support mines that engage in child labor, utilize exploitative labor practices, or harm the environment. You can be confident that nothing negative or destructive has happened in the process of sending your stones to you.

These wonderful blue stones, said to be in existence since the beginning of time, are used extensively in Crystal Healing with both the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. This peaceful stone is said to be a wonderful aid to communication in addition to repel negative energy and psychic attacks

Lapis Lazuli , y definition , is made up of the following three minerals:
Lazurite : Na6Ca2(Al6Si6O24)(SO4,S,S2, S3,Cl,OH)2
Pyrite: FeS2
Calcite: CaCO3Lapis Lazuli is an incredibly rare gemstone. Its complicated chemical makeup requires ideal geological conditions for formation. Thus, lapis lazuli is mostly found in Afghanistan and Chile. Only these mines produce commercial-grade lapis lazuli.

Lake Baikal in Russia and Baffin Island in Canada also include areas of smaller, lower-quality lapis lazuli, but it's too poor to use in manufacturing. Geologists have not verified other lapis lazuli sites. Blue stones are not lapis lazuli.

The Hindukush mountain range borders the northern Afghan deposit, Sar-E-Sang. 4,000 meters high. Lapis lazuli was mined there for almost 7,000 years. The mountaintop mine is snow-covered and hot in summer. Wolves live in the sparsely populated area. Political insecurity in Afghanistan has reduced lapis lazuli exports from this region.

Both lapis types are high-quality, yet they differ. Afghan lapis lazuli has a deep blue tint with gold specks but few white or grey streaks like Chilean lapis. Because it has more blue-violet lazurite to compensate for other minerals like calcite, Afghan lapis is sometimes softly violet.

Pyrite, calcite, and other chemicals do not influence stone clarity. Chemical impurities make the stone beautiful.

Golden pyrite flakes evoke a starry night sky, while white veins make the stone look playful or like wisps of cloud striping the sky. Lapis lazuli can resist these minor chemical changes, but its composition is so complicated that it is unlikely to occur anywhere else. It's a rare semi-precious stone.

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Weight1000 kg
Dimensions250 × 250 × 150 cm


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