4×7 Afghan Baluch Rug


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This is a 100% handmade Afghan rug, made in the “Baluch” region of Afghanistan which is very well known throughout the handmade world for their “Chobi” designed/inspired rugs, which translates to “wood”. It resembles the color and characterisct of wood (Chobi) which holds a significant meaning in the middle eastern culture.

As it was mentioned. “Chobi” is derived from a Persian word “chob” meaning wood. According to some linguists, the meaning is not fixated to wood but anything that is related to the dyes found in the woods. Furthermore, Chobi Persian carpet has attributes that are not normally found in any other rug. For example, it is hand-knotted and is made on the spindles.

Size:3’9X6 or 185X116 cm
Weave Type: Chobi (Hand-knotted)
Material: Sheep Wool
Condition: New
Origin: Afghanistan
Construction: Handmade
Pet friendly and easy to clean.

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Dimensions185 × 116 cm


Baluch, Tribal



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