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Mamluk Hand-knotted rugs are particularly resplendent. These carpets can be described as having a sublime quality; more than just fine Handmade carpets, they are evocative works of art within Afghanistan.

The material is 100% wool with an extremely strong foundation that was meant to keep the rug in excellent condition for decades (one of the traits of Afghan rugs). It is very easily washable and can be vacuumed regularly due to its solid foundation and is pet-friendly as well. Rugs like these are meant to last for a lifetime and with more use, the wool just gets softer, and therefore its value increases as well(another common trait, but this time for all woolen handmade rugs).

Handmade rugs in general are meant to last for a lifetime, and the more use it sees, the softer, and especially shinier they become, hence why vintage ones are so sought after all over the world. This specific one is brand new but already has the softness and shinies of a vintage rug.

• Origin: Afghanistan
• Size: Around 11’54 x 8’17 ft / 356 cm x 252 cm
• Weave Type: Mulak styled; Hand-knotted
• Material: Sheep Wool
• Condition: New
• Construction: Handmade
• Pet friendly and easy to clean.
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