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Afghan Khamyab Rug with Merino Wool

This unique piece is a tightly-knotted Merino Wool handmade Khamyab rug from Afghanistan. This rug consists of a Geometric design with a pattern in Wool (Wool Foundation).
Rugs at this quality are typically referred to as Double-Knotted meaning the knots per square inch are twice as thick as the norm, meaning it requires much more wool to craft and is much more durable in general with an enhances softness that comes with the more volume of wool in it. With a wool foundation, it reinforces the rug’s base to make sure it keeps its softness, especially at high usage areas.

Handmade rugs, in general, are meant to last for a life time, and the more use it sees, the softer, and especially shinier they become, hence why vintage ones are so sought after all over the world. This specific one is brand new but already has the softness and shinies of a vintage rug.

This rug is also using “Merino Wool” which is known throughout the world as one of the finest and softest qualities of wool, often being even softer than cashmere. Due to the fine fibers of the wool, it takes twice as much material to construct these kinds of wool, making the process harder and the end the rug, much more valuable.
• Size (feet) : 11’1×8’1 Size (Centimeters) : 355×248
• Weave Type: Persian styled; Hand-knotted
• Material: Merino Sheep Wool
• Condition: New
• Origin: Afghanistan
• Construction: Handmade
• Pet friendly and easy to clean.

All of the photos were taken under natural daylight. We don’t make an alteration to photos so the photos of the product reflect the true color.

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Dimensions355 × 248 cm




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