7×9 afghan tribal pattern persian designed merino handmade rug, beige color | high quality wool and extremely soft


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This is a 100% handmade Merino Afghan rug, made in the "Hazara" region of Afghanistan which is very well known throughout the handmade world for their "Chobi" designed/inspired rugs, which translates to "wood". It resembles the color and characterisct of wood (Chobi) which holds a significant meaning in the middle eastern culture.

The style name is called Merino, and the actual wool is one of the highest quality, durable and softest one in the country.

Dyes are made out of best yet natural vegetable dyes. Those are the parameter of maintaining quality and worth. Some of the findings from the forests to achieve the required dyes include; peels of fruits, roots of the plants and trees, skins of vegetables, tree barks, dried flowers, and shells of the nuts.

Name : Afghan Merino Chobi Rug
Style : Large Area
Made In : Afghanistan 
Foundation : Cotton
Pile : 100% Wool
Colors : Very nice and accurate colors
Size (feet) : 10×6'10
Size (Centimeters) : 282 x 202
Condition : New in perfect condition

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