7×10 Feet WELL-MADE SOFT Handmade Afghan Turkoman Persian Design area rug, Geometric Rug, Elegant Rug, Soft wool rug


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When we follow fashion, we know it is going to be fade away later. When we wear style, we know that it is going to remain the same. So, choose the style for your house too and fill your house empty space with some stylish colors. Bring a handmade high-quality rug to make your house delightful and attractive. We have 100% pure soft wool hand knotted Afghan rug designed in Persian style by Afghan Turkmen. It is made of pure sheep wool that makes it softest and durable at the same time. The main feature of this rug is that it is double knotted that guarantees the strength and beauty.

Soft with Vibrant Colors!


• Measures 300 cm x 200 cm / 6.6X9.9 ft

• 300,000 knots / square meter

• Afghan Aqche Double knotted

• Brand new rug

• Origin: Aqche Afghanistan

Rest assured the photographs presented are captured outdoors Without editing with ample natural light to show the beauty and vibrancy of the rugs which can also maximize the color/brightness.

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Dimensions300 × 200 cm


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