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One of the most popular rug designs from Afghanistan is called Khal Mohammadi. They are all handmade by Turkomans in the north of Afghanistan, near Ghazni which is the capital for all handmade rugs in the country. The primary natural dyes used for the wools are dark red, with recurring ‘gul’ motifs (elephant like pattern) and octagonal motifs (eight shaped) featuring often with curvilinear flowers in black, dark blue, ochre and beige. This rug is strongly hand-knotted in rich red madder coloured wool with minimal use of other colours. Used with vegetable dyes, the wools used om this rug is from Ghazni, which is known for producing some of the softest and durable wool in the Middle East. Khal Mohammadi rugs meant to last for a lifetime, and the more use it sees, the softer, and especially shinier they become, hence why vintage ones are so sought after all over the world. This specific one is brand new but already has the softness and shinies of a vintage rug. Very easy to clean: with a vacuum cleaner or a simple shampoo water for any stains. Name: Khal Mohammadi Rug Style: Area Made In: North of Afghanistan Foundation: Wool Pile: 100% Sheep Wool Colors: Very nice and accurate colors Size (feet) : 9’8 x 6’10 Size (Centimeters) : 288 x 200 Age: Brand New Material: Natural Dyes Organic Wool on a wool foundation Rest assured the photographs presented are captured outdoors Without editing with ample natural light to show the beauty and vibrancy of the rugs which can also maximize the color/brightness. Also, the colors in the carpet will be perceived differently depending on the angle you view it from and from the quality of your screen.

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