6×8 Ft High-Quality Afghan Ghazni Rug, Ziegler Rug, Abstract Rug, Afghan Chobi Rug, Hand Knotted Rug, 5.74x 7.88 Ft Free Shipping worldwide


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The wool used to make these rugs is from Ghazni north of Afghanistan which is silk-like soft and durable.
The designs called ( Khorjin Baft) mainly knotted by Hazara tribes in Central Afghanistan. This method of hand-knotting and weaving is called Hazara Baft
These Chobe rugs are well-made with 100% wool on a cotton base. All the yarns used are vegetable dyed.
The Chobe rugs are bright contrasting colors with geometric patterns, mainly red, blues and Greens.
Size: 243×177 cm or 5.74x 7.88 Ft

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Dimensions243 × 177 cm



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