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Tightly-knotted guaranteed well-made rug in perfect condition handmade Mamluk Turkish
design rug made with famous Afghan Ghazni wool (silk-like soft and durable) on a cotton foundation by Afghan Turkmen artisans in Maymana the capital city of Faryab Province in northwestern Afghanistan, near the Turkmenistan border. As it is handmade, the value of this rug will increase over time and it can be used for generations.

These very elegant and decorative handmade Afghan Rugs are newly made and are hand-knotted using old traditional methods. They have been developed for their amazing out-of-the-ordinary colours and floral design which lend themselves well to both modern and traditional homes alike. “Mamluk” refers to the design rather than the people that weave these hand-knotted rugs and carpets. See more about Rug Motifs, Symbols & Meaning here.

– Made in Afghanistan
– Design: Medallion Mamluk Turkish design
– Knot per sq Inch: 145-155 Knots
– Genuine Hand-Knotted Rug by Turkmen Weavers
– Natural Dyed Wool, from Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs
– Hand-spun, Great Quality Afghan wool, With Cotton Foundation (Base)
– Washed through a series of the detailed Washing procedure
– Size: Around 4’86×6’74 ft Feet or 150×208 cm
– Condition: Brand New in excellent condition

Quality is 100% assured.
In case of return no need to send it back aboard, it can send to Canada.

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Classroom rugs, Gathering rugs, Office rug, Hallway rug, Frontdoor rug, Saloon rug, Small business rugs, Living room rug, Kitchen rug, Laundry rug, Terrace rug,Bedroom rugs, Bathroom rug, Luxury rugs

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A large Afghan rug can be used to embellish your salon or as a living room rug. You may use an Afghan Runner Rug as a Stair Rug on your steps. A little rug can be used as a bathroom or entry rug. You can use Afghan carpets as an Afghan Kilim styled Area Rug in your office if you want.

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Dimensions208 × 150 cm




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