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    This dazzling and high-quality geometric new design Afghan rug is going to jazz up the whole look of your living or sitting area or bedroom. The best quality 100% silk-like soft wool from Ghazni 35/40 knotted handmade rug with astounding color blending is the best opt-able beauty you can have in your house.
    Masterpiece excellent quality hand-knotted brand new Turkish design Afghan Rug.
    As it is handmade, the value of this rug will increase over time and it can be used for a lifetime.

    Made by Afghan Házára people in the north of Afghanistan. They make the best quality rugs in the market.
    Almost 40/40 means 40 piles in 10 cm which is very tight and strong.
    Made with the best quality of wool from Ghazni (Afg) which is famous and silk-like soft on a cotton foundation.
    The rug is in perfect condition without any damages
    Origin: Afghanistan
    Size: Around 5 x 7 ft / 195cm x 148 cm
    Weight: 10 Kg
    Age: Brand new in perfect condition
    Material: wool / hand-spun / vegetable dyed

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    Dimensions200 × 150 cm


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