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WELL-Made extremely soft made with 50/50 Merino wool The Belgique rugs take the Khal Mohammadi and other traditional Afghan designs and reproduce them in the finest quality possible. The technical difficulties of weaving a rug of this quality using a woolen warp and weft are unbelievable. These rugs are made by the most experienced weavers. The design is intricate and pins sharp. The wool lustrous and the color glowing. The term Belgique actually refers to the woolen warp used in the making of the rug. It’s the best quality imported woolen warp and Merino wool from Belgium which is very expensive to buy so it tends to be used to weave very tight and fine rugs. The effect is to give a soft almost velvet pile. • Material: Wool • Product: Maimana Kilim Rug • Dyes: Natural • Shape: Rectangle • Color: vibrant • Length: 4.7 Feet or 140 Cm • Width: 3.2 Feet or 98 Cm • Type: Area rug • Design: Geometric • Features: Hand-woven, Clean, Soft and Strong, vintage from the 1980s The colours are darker than the photos shown.

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Dimensions140 × 98 cm



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