3×10 afghan handmade runner rug, persian designed, turkish like hand knotted rug. top quality wool with natural dyes, very durable and soft


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Dyes are made out of best yet natural dyes materials found in forests and woods. Those are the parameter of maintaining quality and worth. Some of the findings from the forests to achieve the required dyes include; peels of fruits, roots of the plants and trees, skins of vegetables, tree barks, dried flowers, and shells of the nuts.

Wool, cotton, or silk are the main materials used in the weaving department. It takes months and at times years to complete one Chobi traditional rug. If you are thinking about estimate time for making a medium-sized Chobi rug then it is between 12 to 14 months. However, the larger one takes around 2 to 3 years to complete the process. The reason for taking the said time is based on the fact that designing of Chobi rugs is always unique. Yes, unique to the extent that it can allure anyone at first sight.

With a “Persian” design and tightly knotted soft wool, this is certainly one of the highest quality of rug available in Afghanistan.

Size: 9’10 x 3 Ft or, 300 X 86 Cm including fringes.Weave Type: Chobi (Hand-knotted)
Material: Sheep Wool
Condition: New
Origin: Afghanistan
Construction: Handmade
Pet friendly and easy to clean.

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Dimensions300 × 86 cm




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