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Unlike other Lapis Lazuli tiles, the ones we sell come from a whole stone for each individual pile, meaning the design of the tile is much more polished, cleaner, without a void of the royal blue theme, and it does not look like multiple small pieces of lapis were just put together. This is truly one of a kind, and is also much more durable than the mosaic ones.

This is a unique A+++ Grade Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan. All the pictures and videos were taken in natural sunlight to showcase its true color, and all the tiny details that make each of the stones unique.

This one is a single Lapis Lazuli tiles. These tiles are made from solid stone and have a hardness mark of 7 (Talc being 1 and Diamond being 10).

Each tile is a unique piece not the same.

The size of the tiles is 10 x 10 X 0.8 centimeters.
Weight: 239 Grams

Lapis lazuli contains pyrite which gives more character to the rock. Both sides are naturally hand polished. Lapis Lazuli comes from deep within Afghanistan a place called Badakhshan near the silk road.

These tiles are made to be used in the bathroom, kitchen or any mosaic decorative inlays you wish, and even your pool!

A+++ graded lapis lazuli is very difficult to find as majority of its kind do not meet this standared, which is why these specific Lapis Lazuli is highly sought after.

A great gift to have these natural AAA quality semi-precious tiles to admire and be part of your home project.

Additional information

Weight900 kg
Dimensions150 × 150 × 150 cm
One Side Polished

One Side Polished, Both Side Polished


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