10 Grams Premium Afghan Saffren | Super Negin Quality (Ranked Highest by ITQI) | Organic, Pure and Quality; Persian Certified


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    Superior Afghan Saffron Threads, Grown Organically. Sourced Ethically From Family Farms in Herat, Afghanistan. We Guarantee Satisfaction!

    Avoid paying double or triple price because of packaging for what you can get it way cheaper from the first hand at our shop!

    Saffron from Afghanistan is known throughout the world to be the best quality of spice in the world and is ranked as such by ITQI. The Afghan saffron products have been ranked first in terms of quality by an international institution based in Belgium’s Brussels in January 2021.
    Our saffron is freshly handpicked from organic farms belong to families in Herat Afghanistan. Each saffron flower contains only 3 threads. Almost 77,000 saffron flowers are hand-picked one by one by hardworking farmers to make a pound of saffron spice. It’s an unprecedented quality, fascinating fragrance, pleasant flavor, and supreme coloring strength. The Saffron industry has provided thousands of jobs in Afghanistan and was a significant reason why farmers and their families were able to support themselves during these hard times. The quality of Saffron they are producing has been recognized and has created a mini-boom in their economy. Our saffron is sourced handpicked carefully from family farm in Herat Afghanistan, once booming with trade, this city is beginning to grow with the increase in the production of saffron spice. We encourage customers to buy from Afghan farmers directly, enabling you to be part of a new Afghanistan.

    This natural saffron is picked and harvested by hand, the pistil is extracted from the flower Crocus sativus by hand and then preserved away from air and light and then dried.
    In foods, saffron is used as a spice, yellow food coloring, and flavoring agent.

    “Our food should be our medicine…” ~ Hippocrates

    100% Pure All Red Genuine Saffron, No waste, No yellow part. Keep in a Dark and Dry Place in a Tight Container.

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