Khorasan Rug is mainly the designer of the rugs we sell, our involvement in the actual process of its creation after the design has been submitted is not as significant. A lot of our production is outsourced to Afghanistan, where we own a long time family business. That entity is different from Khorasan Rug, but are under a contract with us. Khorasan Rug is responsible for the designs, while our weavers are the ones who will make them for us. We usually always pay our weavers up for the rugs before its sold, but due to the current situation in Afghanistan, for some of the newer rugs, we had no choice but to only pay them after a sale has been made on our end, and they get a solid percentage of the revenue. This step only applies to rugs that would be shipped from Afghanistan, that could not be imported to Canada because of the current situation in our homeland.

As far as the creation of our handmade rugs, they vary from knotted to woven rugs, and there are many guides out there in the internet explaining step by step. One of my personal favorites’ is this t article by little-persia, going into details on all the processes the weavers we contract do.