Carpet weaving has always been a major means of livelihood in Afghanistan, and they are worldwide famous for their traditional designed styles, and colors. 

Nowadays, Afghan weavers expanded their market by incorporating new, non-traditional designs that would appeal to more people worldwide, but the more classic styles which made them popular in the first place is still the most wanted.

These rugs are made with the finest quality of wool, with different designs and amazing vibrant colors that are all made of 100% natural dyes from minerals and plant

We are direct dealers and importers of Afghan rugs and kilims from one of the best artisans in the country. We price our inventory to give you the most honest price online, even bordering wholesale prices we provide to bigger companies.

To esure you are going to get the best quality products here through our shop, we hand select and inspect each and every one of them before we make it available for customers. 

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