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Guide on How to Spot a Turkish Rug (2022)

Turkish rug is a common term of familiarity, commonly associated with carpets and Rugs woven in ancient Turkey and its surrounding regions. Geographically speaking, its geographical area of production can best be described as the territories that were once historically dominated by the Turkish Empire. These territories, known collectively as the Anatolian region, had a long history of being heavily influenced by the various rulers of the various Turkish empires throughout the ages.

In fact, when you speak of the Turkish rug, what you really mean is the carpet woven for a Turkish rug, whether it is handmade or machine-made. However, there are three different categories of rug made in this part of the world. The first category is the rug made from a variety of Natural Fibers. Natural fibers are generally man-made fibers, such as wool and cotton, that have been dyed to enhance their beauty.

The second category is the rug made from man-made fibers. This category consists of the most widely produced rug in Turkey. They tend to be softer, warmer, and more comfortable than the rug made from natural fibers.

The third category is the rugs that are made in Turkey using synthetic materials such as polyesters, nylon, and wool. Their popularity stems from their high quality. Although not as popular as the natural fibers, they are also not as expensive. The synthetic fibers, in particular, are made from high quality fiber, such as wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers that are more synthetic than natural fibers.

While traditionally Turkish rugs are made in the northern part of the country, modern day production has spread all over the Anatolian region, bringing it closer to the Mediterranean coast. This new production has resulted in a wide variety of rug designs, sizes, colors, and patterns that are more versatile than ever before.

Although rugs in Turkey are sold locally, the market is largely international. Although the market has traditionally been based on local sales, there is an increasing trend to carry these products internationally. Many of the major companies that specialize in selling carpets and rugs abroad today began their business in Istanbul, Turkey’s capital city. As with any trade, though, there are some regulations that govern the importing and exporting of these items. Before buying a rug online, make sure to consider the guidelines that the company follows.

Most rugs sold on the Internet are sold with a warranty, but not always a 100 percent guarantee of the rug being in good condition. Also, because of the way the Internet is set up, many of the pictures that you see of these rugs on the Internet are not the same as the final product. Make sure to be aware of any pictures of imperfections in the rug that you might be looking at.

Although Turkish rugs are sold locally, there are many online stores that sell both the traditional rug and the synthetic type, allowing you to save money by buying the latter. It should be noted that there are a number of online stores that offer the traditional and synthetic varieties, making the purchase process more convenient.

While many online stores that sell rugs and carpets do not allow customers to return the rug they purchased if they do not like it, some do. You should consider this before buying a rug online.

One important thing to note about purchasing a rug online is the shipping charges. It is important to research the shipping costs carefully before you make a purchase. Shipping charges vary depending on what kind of rug you order, so it is worth the extra time to research each company before you decide to place an order with them.

Turkish Rug
When you choose a site to shop for your rug, you can often find a large number of designs to choose from, so it is easier to choose the one that best suits you. You can even place an order for two different colors of rugs or more, and have them shipped together. Although you will probably have to pay shipping costs when ordering online, many online stores offer free shipping to save you the trouble of paying the shipping fees. Once you find an online rug store that you prefer, you can then go to their website to check out their inventory and to see exactly how much you can expect to pay for your purchase. Some online stores will even ship your rug directly to your home, which can save you even more money.

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